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We're a team of 5 youngsters based out of Tirupur, the knitting capital of India. We are aiming at making a change in the Indian retail apparel industry by crafting the best quality clothes. By the way, with over 4 years of experience, we manufacturer all kinds of knitted apparel including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, shorts, track pants, etc.


Our Story

Three years ago, when we four friends came out of college with an Engineering degree, we decided not to join 9-5 at any salary. We wanted to start a business and as our interests aligned with the clothing industry, we decided to start a t-shirt brand. We started working on our brand 24/7 and researched t-shirt designs, styles, fit, business plans, marketing strategies, and whatnot!


After a month of deep analysis, we were finally ready with our analysis works. Then we started searching for friendly t-shirts manufacturing partners. We were straight out of college and had no textile background. So we wanted a manufacturing partner who explained the technical stuff and is open to testing our new developments.


We had bad luck :(


That's when we decided to jump into the manufacturing side than the retail side. We saw Hundreds of young buddies around us with the same problems we had. As they got no friendly manufacturing partner, they were just dropping their idea of starting a t-shirt brand.


There born Varthagam International, a young and energetic team manufacturing premium knitted apparel in India.

If you're someone who is looking for a young, knowledgable, energetic and nerd team to manufacture your apparel, then you should get in touch with us. We know the pain points of startup brand owners as we were in that position before. Just get in touch with us on WhatsApp or Email.


Looking for more information about us? Let's connect :D

+91 7010846960

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