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We have had an excelled association with Varthagam and truly vouch for their quality. Our customers love how comfortable the products are.
Cancelled plans

My experience with Varthagam International are very good. My expectations are high and they fulfilled it. I am happy to work with them successfully in 2021!

Robert Gerlach

It was Great to work with them. Worked twice with them and gonna do more in the future. Quality and work is on point.


The process is good. Like the products and quality and the convenience of being able to see the samples and confirming the pattern and sizes. Communicating has also not been so tough even though it is online only. And the support has been good from your side.

Look Bait Clothing

We are one among the happy customers of Varthagam for a couple of years. To be heartfelt, the efforts of them are to be appreciated than words. With great accuracy and customer flexibility, the print quality gets etched in the t-shirts as we needed. Still more to go team 🙂

NKI Expertise Clothing

Nice partners to work with. We have enjoyed working with Varthagam. They are solution-oriented, suggests the right configuration for your need and in the end makes you happy with the quality they deliver with commitment.

Dream Vaault

I had a great experience with Varthagam International and happy to share about it! Friendly people, Satisfied work, Easy approach, Great quality products! I appreciate your work and continue the same!

Veera M

We are really impressed with Varthagam International as they are so supportive and helpful. They have a great leadership team who will guide you to build a great brand… kudos to the team.

Varun Viswanathan

The best quality of tshirts you can find in india. The team is just amazing and the quality of the tshirts are amazing the best ive seen and experienced! Great job you people keep it up!.

Saharsh Mishra

Outstanding product. Product Quality is great! Communication is easy and the product was delivered on time!

Siddharth Nair

Trustworthy… committed… and friendly.

Nidhi Sharma

Good Quality t-shirt at reasonable prices. Also, customer service is superb.

Laveena Dhanwani
Looking for good quality T-shirts, I was very eager to check out Varthagam. From when I called, I found Manu and the team very helpful in providing the right kind of Tshirt in terms of quality. Since I was new, they gave me all suggestions in terms of material, cut etc which helped me recieve a better product. I would Varthagam to anyone who is looking to work with dedicated people. Definitely worth a shot.
Vishal JC
Nidhi Sharma