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Knitted Apparel Customization

As a private label & 100% customized knitted apparel manufacturer, we can manufacture all kinds of knitted apparel in any style, any color, and any GSM. In this page, we will explain you what all customization we can offer you. Let's dive into it!

Knitting Structure

Most of the knitting structures available in the market are the same - single jersey for crew necks, pique for polos, and loopknit for hoodies. But apart from these basic knitting structures, we can do special kinds of structures from which you can stand apart in the crowded market.

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Measurement / Fit

Fit varies from brand to brand. Based on the serving customer persona, brands craft the fit. The fit you create for gym people will vary from the fit you make for entrepreneurs, right? We will manufacture your fit by developing the pattern.

Sewing Customization

Why go for the same sewing as every other brand? We can do much more. Ordinary sewing is called double stitches. But we can do five-thread, invisible, single-needle stitching, etc. In Invisible stitching, the threads will not be visible in any outer part of the garment.

Dyeing Colors

In our t-shirt manufacturing factory, there is no general green or red. As per your requirement, we will get the Pantone code(s) from your end and dye the apparel matching your code. Any Pantone color can be dyed in your garments!

Printing & Embroidery

All kinds of printing that can be done on knitted apparel can be done in our factory. Plastisol print, high-density print, puff print, pigment print, heat transfer print, discharge print, all-over garment print, reflective print, and digital printing. You can get a sample from us to check the quality of the print as well.

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GSM stands for Grams Per Square Meter. Any GSM can be programmed and knitted. As per your requirement, we will source the yarn and knit it.

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