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Answers to your questions from the t-shirt manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide samples?

  • Yes, we provide samples before ordering.

Do you offer free sample?

  • No, we do not offer free samples. Every day, we get more than 30 enquiries. In order to find the right customer, we ask them to pay for the sample. For repeat customers, we do not charge for samples.

How long will it take to make sample?

  • We usually take 3-5 days for sample making (It depends on customer requirements).


How much is GST for t-shirts?

  • For all cotton garments priced below ₹1000, GST is 5%. For apparels priced above ₹1000, GST is 12%.

Your price looks good. But some other suppliers provide t-shirts for a little lower price? How?

  • We are regarded as the best supima t-shirt manufacturer in India. Our pricing model is completely transparent. Even we can make supima t-shirts for ₹240+. How do you know it is actually Supima? You will never be able to find it. Supima yarn itself will cost around ₹240+ per t-shirt. It is impossible to make Supima t-shirts at ₹160. If someone promises you that, that means they are trying to fool you. Be careful with them!

Does your pricing includes brand accessories?

  • It depends. if you need customized branding accessories, then we can do it for you. It will cost around ₹5 to ₹50 per t-shirt as per requirement.

Does your pricing include transportation?

  • It depends & varies with your requirement. Please look at the Proforma Invoice (PI). You can find the detail in the last 4 columns.

Does Pricing varies with GSM?

  • Yes, The Pricing will change with respect to GSM. Lower the GSM, Lower the yarn consumption thus lower the price.

3. Production

What is the lead time?

  • For bulk orders, we take around 15-60 days depending on the quantity and style. As we manufacture from yarn to pack, the process usually takes that time.

What type of stitching do you make?

  • We can make any type of stitching in our factory. Just give us the name or photo, we will do it for you.

In what colours can you manufacture garments?

  • As we are 100% Customizable, we can manufacture t-shirts in any color, Just give us the Pantone code, we will make it for you.

Do you provide TAC?

  • Yes, once the order is confirmed we provide TAC.

Can you make t-shirts in any GSM?

  • Yes, we can.

What is the common Round Neck GSM?

  • 160 & 180 GSM is a common GSM for round neck t-shirts.

What is the common polo GSM?

  • 200, 220 & 240 are common.

From where do you source yarn?

  • We are sourcing high-quality original yarn from authorized suppliers like GTN Mills, SSM Mills, KPR Mills, Pallava Mills, Lakhsmi Mills & Ambika Mills.

How many washes does t-shirt last?

  • If you follow common wash care instructions, it will last more than 300 – 350 washes.

Does your t-shirt shrink?

  • No, It will not. we perform Pre Shrunk wash in t-shirts. so, it will not shrink.

What about color fastness?

  • As we perform bio-silicon wash in all garments, color fastness will be arrested.

What products do you manufacture?

  • We manufacture T-Shirts, Crop tops, Track Pants, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Leggings & any type of knitted garments.

Do you provide PP Sample?

  • Yes, Before we process the bulk quantity, we will make a pre-production sample & send it to you. Only after your approval, we make bulk.


Does the transportation cost included in the pricing?

  • It depends & varies with your requirement. Please look at the Proforma Invoice (PI). You can find the detail in the last 4 columns

How long will it take for shipping?

Following are the Appropriate shipping time within India.

  • South India – 1 to 2 days

  • Central India – 2 to 4 days

  • North India – 4 to 6 Days

  • East India – 5 to 10 Days

  • Outside India customers please contact us for the following time.

Who takes care of shipping?

  • It depends, If you wish to take care of shipping, you can. Or if you want us to take care of the shipping process, we will take charge. If we take care of shipping, we are responsible for everything that happens during shipping.

Do you offer doorstep delivery?

  • Yes, we provide doorstep delivery.

Through what courier will you be sending my packages?

  • Within India, we were tie-up with DTDC, Delhivery, Rivigo, ST Courier, Sailor men & Professionals. Outside India: DTDC Express, DHL, UPS Express

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