160GSM Men's T-Shirt


Get good quality 100% combed cotton t-shirts in Tirupur. We manufacture high-quality yarns to manufacture these t-shirts. Available in twelve colours. ₹80 for orders above 5000 pieces.

MOQ - 100 Piece

Colours Available: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, White, Yellow, Purple, Grey Melange, Orange.

Customization on T-Shirts

  • Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Price Tag
  • Neck Fuse Label
  • Bottom Hem Label
  • Neck Label
  • Packing Box
  • Tape Stripes
  • Sleeve Print
  • Lycra Collar
  • Reflective Print
  • Sequence Embroidery
  • Felt Embroidery


Tirupur is known for t-shirts of various sizes and quality. You can get t-shirts for ₹40 in Tirupur. But if the quality needs to be somewhat medium, then you can get it for ₹70. Our t-shirts are good quality t-shirts. But not premium also. If you need premium t-shirts, visit Supima t-shirt manufacturer page.

Tirupur is the place where you can purchase wholesale T-shirt in India at a cheap price for your business.

If you need low quality t-shirts, you can get it for ₹30 in Tirupur. Whereas, if you need good quality t-shirts, we offer it for ₹90.

We, Varthagam International is committed towards manufacturing premium quality t-shirts. We are manufacturing Supima t-shirts, Tencel t-shirts, Bamboo t-shirts and organic t-shirts in Tirupur.

In Tirupur (If you need good-quality t-shirts at low price, we can be a great fit for you).