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Whether you’re just getting started with an online t-shirt business or you’re already a megacorp, we’ve got a customizable pricing plan that fits
Note: As a founder of your brand, you know that pricing for apparels varies with every custom feature. You know that we are not a product company with ready to ship products. The price of clothes varies with quantity, style, GSM, knitting structure, sewing customization, branding trims, etc. To get accurate pricing, please fill the form below. One of our customer support agents will get in touch with you to work out the best possible pricing.

What do our customers say?

The best quality of t-shirts you can find in India. The team is just amazing and the quality of the t-shirts are amazing the best I’ve seen and experienced! Great job you people keep it up!
Adam Sendler
It was great to work with them. Worked twice with them and gonna do more in the future. Quality and work are on point.
We have had an excellent association with Varthagam and truly vouch for their quality. Our customers love how comfortable the products are.
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Questions & Answers:

How much is GST for t-shirts?


Your price looks good. But some other suppliers provide t-shirts for a little lower price? How?

We are regarded as the best supima t-shirt manufacturer in India. Our pricing model is completely transparent. Even we can make supima t-shirts for ₹170. How do you know it is actually Supima? You will never be able to find it. Supima yarn itself will cost around ₹140 per t-shirt. It is impossible to make Supima t-shirts at ₹160.

Does your pricing includes brand accessories?

It depends. if you need customized branding accessories, then we can do it for you. It will cost around ₹5 to ₹10 per t-shirt.

Does your pricing include transportation?

It depends & various with your requirement. please look at the Proforma Invoice (PI). You can find the detail in the last 4 columns.

Average price of Round Neck & Polo?

Our pricing for Round Neck starts from ₹130 & Polo starts from ₹200.

What is the price for Bio-Washing?

For the round neck, bio-silicon wash will cost around ₹9 & polo will cost around ₹12 per t-shirt.

Does Pricing varies with GSM?

Yes, The Pricing will change with respect to GSM. Lower the GSM, Lower the yarn consumption thus lower the price.

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