Supima Cotton – Complete Guide

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Have you ever imagined which would be the best cotton in the world?

The softest cotton which is both sustainable and high durability?

Cotton which is stretchable, pilling resistant, comfortable, and traceable?

Is that possible for a cotton variety that is supposed to have all these premium properties?

Yes. And the name is Supima!

What is Supima Cotton?

Before getting deep into the cotton and its wide properties, first, we need to know the difference between Pima and Supima.

These two terms are often used interchangeably.

Pima is a cotton variety (Pima – better) whereas Supima is an organization.

To elaborate, Supima is an organization whose main objective is to promote American grown Pima cotton. The organization also focuses on tracing originality and quality assurance.

Whereas not all the Pima cotton comes under the Supima organization. Pima cotton grows in many regions across the world. Whereas, Supima certifies only Pima cotton which grows in the west and southwest regions of the United States.

Supima cotton accounts for only one per cent of total cotton available.

Now, let’s dive into the properties of Supima.


If there is one main reason how Supima has grown worldwide is because of its fibre length.

Supima Organization grown Pima cotton variety has a strong extra-long-staple cotton fibre.

The average length of Supima cotton is 1.5″.

Because of this reason, Supima cotton is more resilient, resist breaking and tearing.


Because of its extra-long-staple fibre length, the cotton is extremely softer and smoother.

The fibre length of cotton directly affects the feel of the fabric.

If you touch a piece of fabric and if it is rougher, you can say that the fibre length is shorter. Shorter fibre length leads to the fabric.

As Supima is longer, it is softer and it also resists pilling.

And as time passes and you wash more and more, Supima clothes will become much softer.

Colour Vibrancy:

Nobody wants a cloth that loses its colour over time.

Supima is one cotton variety that absorbs the dye better and deeper than any other cotton available in the world.

Wash after wash, the fabric retains and glows more.


People are now more concerned and attracted to sustainable fashion.

Supima is a sustainable natural fibre that is bio-degradable and fully compostable leaving zero waste on the earth.

As Supima cotton is stronger than any other cotton, it lasts longer (without leaving its softness and colour vibrancy) reducing the need for further cloth production. Thus, indirectly Supima cotton reduces carbon emissions.

Supima farm fields are well structured and the field water supply is laser levelled. This reduces the water wastage for cotton production.

Supima Hangtags:

Supima provides its unique Supima tags for brands to use.

This enables the customers to find the original and authentic Supima products.

The tag will be provided by cloth manufacturers (like us – Varthagam International).

Brands can make use of these tags to promote their products.

To make a note here, brands are now increasing their garment price as the Supima cloth needs are increasing day by day.


Supima authenticates its cotton across the entire supply chain.

As not all cotton is created equal, Supima has a responsibility to certify its cotton to differentiate it from the market.

You take any cotton which is named and tagged as Supima and send it to testing.

Supima will then say whether the given cloth is made with Supima cotton or not.

Supima itself does not test the clothes. It has partnered with Oritain – a leading forensic science laboratory to test the clothes.

How does Supima traceability work?

  1. Every cotton, while growing, absorbs chemicals and isotopes differently.
  2. Once, the cultivation of cotton is done in the Supima form, they collect the master genuine sample fingerprint and stores it in their database.
  3. If you send cloth to authenticate its cotton variety, Oritain will match the fingerprint of the given cloth with the Supima database.
  4. If the fingerprint matches, then the given cloth is made up of Supima cotton.
  5. If the results are a failure, then the Supima organization will interfere and investigate further on the false claim.

Brands using Supima cotton:

Because of its nature and properties, many well-known brands around the world have started using Supima cotton for their clothes.

Some of the brands are listed below:

  • Levi’s
  • Stance
  • Everlane
  • Banana Republic
  • Casper

Are you satisfied with the properties of Supima cotton?

Start your brands with Supima cotton now!

Not yet convinced?

Here is the compiled list of all the advantages of Supima cotton.

  • Strength
  • Premium Quality
  • Extra-long-staple cotton
  • Extremely softer
  • Colour vibrancy
  • Comfortable
  • Resist pilling
  • Stretchable
  • Rare
  • Quality assurance
  • Superior
  • Durable
  • Sustainable.

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