Supima T-Shirt Manufacturer in Tirupur

Make your store a premium brand with authentic Supima cotton t-shirts manufacturers in India. Luxury, quality and craftsmanship are the benchmarks of American-grown, extra-long-staple Supima t-shirts. We are an authentic Supima cotton t-shirts manufacturer in India handcrafting Supima clothes with enhanced softness than any other cotton in the world. Supima is becoming the go-to option for some of the premium brands in the world. If you are planning to launch a premium quality clothing store, then Supima may be the best option for you.

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Great Strength

Our Supima cotton t-shirts are more durable with extra fibers. With some of the intelligent minds in the industry, we are dedicated to manufacture soft, luxury, and premium quality Supima garments.  The extra-long staple fibers of Supima cotton makes it the world’s strongest and softest cotton available. With decades of experience in Supima cotton t-shirt manufacturing, we can help you get the best quality Supima t-shirts for your brand.

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Color Retention

Some of the world’s leading brands use Supima for their fashion products. You know why? Supima is so soft and premium. And also it absorbs the dyes well than any other cotton available outside. Even after multiple washes, our Supima t-shirts will remain in their original color.  We follow cutting-edge dyeing techniques to extract premium results. Our certified dyes penetrate deep into the Supima yarn which results in better color vibrancy.

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Enhanced Softness

With the extra-long stable fibre, our Supima apparels are softer and resist pilling. After many washes? It gets even softer as time passes. Trust me 🙂 Supima has that unique quality. Get a sample to test it.  If you plan to sell softer garments in your fashion brand, then you should definitely try Supima t-shirts from us. We have the industry’s highest customer retention rate. What does it mean? We are the best Supima t-shirt manufacturer yaar!

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Thread Spools
Thread Spools

High Durability

Our dedicated team sources the more luxurious extra-long staple fibre that is twice as strong as normal cotton. We handcraft softer, long-lasting Supima t-shirts that resist pilling.  As a leading Supima t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur, we make more resilient, durable, and long-lasting t-shirt apparel. Get your sample now!

Supima Certified Tags

We are an official Supima cotton t-shirts manufacturer in India By offering the original Supima tag issued by the Supima organization to guarantee that the t-shirts we manufacture are actually American grown Pima cotton.  Along with the packaging, we will add the Supima tag to your t-shirts. We try our best to maintain and control the standard and integrity of the Supima product. Join our family now! Get sample.

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Best Pricing

Get the best value for money. See how much you save by ordering with Varthagam International. Get a price quotation from us. Compare our price against the features we offer with anybody in the industry. We are super-efficient.  With just a click to get a sample. If you like the sample, order with us. This is how we became the most trusted Supima t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur. And for the bulk, We deliver the apparel to your doorstep. Every process is hassle-free.

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