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Tencel T-Shirt Manufacturer in Tirupur

Sourced from sustainably managed forests, we manufacture high-quality knitted Tencel Lyocell garments, including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, track pants, etc. We help fashion brands around the world manufacture premium quality knitted garments. Wear it, test it. If you like our garment quality, order with us. Risk-free!


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Enhanced Breathability

The naturally grown wood-produced Tencel fabric allows the air to circulate through the fabric. It means, our Tencel t-shirts have enhanced breathability which keeps your body pleasantly cool and dry. An excellent feature you can use to market your brand to your audience.

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Anti Bacterial

As Tencel Lyocell fabric is breathable, it does not allow moisture to stay on the garment. There will only be less moisture on apparel. When the t-shirt garment is dry and if there is no room for moisture to stay on, there will be no bacterial formation. Our Tencel t-shirts are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in nature.

Eco Friendly

Our Tencel Lyocell garments are formed from natural wood pulp. 100% of wood is utilized to produce wood pulp using renewable energy resources. Pulp will then be produced as fibre using water and organic solvents. In the whole closed-loop Tencel t-shirt production, every process is eco-friendly and everything is bio-degradable.

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Thermal Regulation

The natural microscopic fibrils of Tencel Lyocell fabrics are structured to absorb and release moisture. We manufacture thermally regulated t-shirts which keep your customers warm in winter and cool in summer. Good fit Tencel lyocell t-shirts will look great for any season.

Color Vibrancy

Tencel garment absorbs dyes more than normal cotton. The colour pigments are deeply embedded into Tencel fiber to keep its colour long-lasting. Even after repeated multiple washes, our Tencel garments will not fade away.

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Tencel Tag

For every t-shirt you order with us, we provide the authorized Tencel tag to ensure the originality of Tencel fabrics. We manufacture Tencel t-shirts which are very smooth to touch and offer long-lasting comfort for sensitive skin.

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