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Attn: We only Manufacture High-Quality T-Shirt apparel & do not do low-quality wholesale orders.

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Varthagam International is a one-stop t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur specialized in manufacturing premium quality t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, joggers, shorts, hoodies, and all kinds of knitted apparel. For all your fashion brand needs, we can help you by manufacturing the best private label clothes at affordable prices.

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Our Customers

As a young t shirt manufacturers in Tirupur with years of experience in garments manufacturing, we have a wide range of customer brands and corporate companies that have worked with us in creating beautiful garments of every hue, shape, and style. Here is a list of a few of our customer brands whose trust we have won:

  • What is your MOQ?
    Before heading straight into the MOQ number, I would like to explain where the MOQ plays a role. When you place an order with us, we first procure the yarn. Then we knit the yarn, dye the knitted fabric, do a pre-shrunk wash, cut, print, and sew it based on your requirement. Our MOQ plays a role in the dyeing part. We need at least 200 garments in one color. You can have two styles, multiple sizes, prints & embroidery within that. What do I mean by that? Let’s assume you need men’s and women’s round necks. We need 200 garments as MOQ in 1 color. So, you can have 100 men’s round necks and 100 women’s round necks. Within that 100 t-shirts in one style, you can have multiple sizes. So let’s assume you need five sizes. So, your size split-up can be anything like this: S-15, M-25, L-25, XL-20, 2XL-15. You can also have different prints or embroidery in these two styles—no problem. You get the point, right? Our MOQ is based on the number of garments per color. And the MOQ is 200 per color.
  • Do you have Catalog?
    We manufacture 100% customized knitted clothing in Tirupur. Everything from the color (#RGB), GSM, fit (measurement), washing type, quantity, print, and embroidery, to the branded accessories, we make customization as per your need. So, we do not have any ready-made catalog.
  • What all do you manufacture?
    We manufacture 100% private-label crew-neck t-shirts, v-neck, boat neck, oversized t-shirts, henley, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, trousers, track pants, joggers, tank tops, full-dress, tie & dye shirts, Cold Pigment dye t-shirts, caps, and every other knitted apparel.
  • Do you have ready stocks?
    Nope! As we said earlier, we are a 100% customized private-label manufacturer. We process from yarn to pack depending on your requirement.
  • What is the pricing?
    As we manufacture 100% customized clothing, we collect your requirement first and calculate the pricing based on that. The pricing depends on a combination of more than 12 factors. So, once you share your requirement with us, we will create a price quotation for you.
  • Do your t-shirts shrink or lose their color?
    Nope, never. We do the pre-shrunk bio-silicon wash on every garment that goes out of our factory. This washing process will arrest the shrinkage and color fastness. So, our t-shirts will not have shrinkage, and the colors will not go out. Pinky promise 🤞
  • I have a sample with me. Can you replicate it?
    Yeah, we can. From the fit, print, and embroidery to the branded accessories, we can exactly replicate the t-shirt. Note: We will not replicate copy-righted properties of any other company.
  • Do you do printing & embroidery?
    Yes. Any print or embroidery that can be done on knitted apparel can be done. You can give us a sample or let us know what print you need, and we will do it for you.
  • What colors can you make?
    We can dye the fabric in any #RGB color; give us the color code, and we can dye it for you.
  • What GSM can you make?
    As already said, we can manufacture t-shirts and other knitted apparel in any GSM.
  • How to place an order with us?
    First of all, we will collect all your requirements. Then, we will make a sample for you. Once you are happy with the sample, we will proceed with the bulk.


Low Order Quantity

Varthagam International, as one of the leading t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur offers the lowest minimum order quantities (MOQs) for fully customized t-shirts and other knitted apparel, from 100 pieces per design & to 200 pcs per color. This way, we reduce your overall spending and minimize the risk factor. Each garment is entirely customizable, from fit to brand accessories. 

  • Perfect for small businesses, corporates, and startup clothing brands

  • One of the top 10 t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur, competitively priced with a global supply chain.


High Quality T-Shirts

All clothes we manufacture are cut, stitched, and finished by high-end machines operated by experts. We implement a four-stage quality control procedure to ensure each item of clothing we produce meets the high brand standards of our customers.

  • Tirupur t-shirt manufacturer who makes high-quality garments that adhere to your brand specifications

  • Four-stage quality control process ensuring the highest industry standards

Fully customizable clothing

With complete creative control over your designs, please take advantage of our many customization options. These include various fabrics, measurement charts (fit), quantity split up, embroidery, print, sublimation, brand tags, and finishing options such as labels, buttons, and packing covers, as your t shirt manufacturers in Tirupur help you turn your clothing concepts into reality.


Brand Privacy

As your Tirupur t shirt manufacturer, we value our customers and their privacy - we respect all your design work. However, before you reveal your design or any confidential information to us, a non-disclosure agreement can be signed on our end to create a legal obligation to privacy, thus keeping your information top-secret and secured.

Custom fabric? You name it, we source it

We know you are passionate about this and plan to create USPs in every possible way. If you’re looking for a unique fabric t-shirt and are unsure how to find the top 10 t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur, don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Our sourcing team with worldwide textile contacts will source it on your behalf. Promise! And we take pride in being the first t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur to manufacture Supima t-shirts. We are always looking for new stuff to explore. So let us know your specifications, and we will make it for you.

fabric quality control.jpg

Quality Test Report

Quality is the primary concern for t-shirt brands like yours, we understand. As a standard t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur, we have a 4-step quality inspection process. Your garments are inspected to the neck, and the chances of finding an error in our garments are extremely rare. Test reports can also be submitted upon request, and we openly welcome our client-appointed 3rd party testing QC if they prefer.


We provide custom sampling to test the quality of our products before the mass production of your private-label t-shirts. Initially, you've to pay for samples, but the cost will be waived upon the confirmation of the order. This is to ensure the mass production's accuracy and avoid spam sample orders.

Free sampling.jpg
Knowledge sharing_edited.jpg

Knowledge Sharing

Are you completely new to this t-shirt field and are not well-known for the technical jargon of this field? Well, this is the common ground with most of our customers in the initial phase. And that is a concern we step up to solve for you. As a young and dynamic t shirt manufacturers in tirupur trying out different things in this t-shirt manufacturing industry, we are always open to sharing our expertise with our customers. As a matter of fact, our prospects and customers love and praise us for this quality of our team. Try talking to our team, and you’ll know :)

Manufacturing process – how it works

At Varthagam International, every t-shirt we manufacture is custom-made to the customer's requirements, so we have developed a standard process applied to all orders. Other t shirt manufacturers in tirupur may only manufacture the traditional t-shirt styles and fabrics, but we help your brand by manufacturing unique materials in the custom fit-out of our 6000-square foot factory in Tirupur. Our customization ranges from every possible customization.



Once you filter your list of the top 10 t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur, you come to us & the process begins. It starts with your idea. We guide you through the stages of making your concept a reality. We will help you finalize the design and create a product specification guide or tech pack sheet (this sheet is the blueprint of the entire order process). If you need help, we can ask our designers to make it on your behalf for free.


Pattern development

Patterns for your t-shirts are developed using (your) custom dimensions. If you do not have the actual size guide but want to replicate a t-shirt, we can do it for you at no extra cost. Just one garment is enough for us - we will grade all the other sizes with the master garment. You can share your measurement chart or just hand over a tee that has to be replicated.


Fabric Production

Fabric is produced or sourced to meet your brand requirements for composition, brand theme, hand feel, and budget. We are uniquely positioned as the best t shirt manufacturer in Tirupur. We will make Pantone lab dips for you to approve the color specification.


Prototypes & sampling

Once you have confirmed the materials and finalized your design and tech pack, share it with us. Each order includes a prototype for approval, allowing you to refine your design before we commence bulk production. A sample of each design is included for free with every order.


Bulk manufacturing

We have a standard process we follow strictly in order to retain ourselves as one of the best t shirt manufacturers in Tirupur. With the tech sheet in hand and your approved prototype sample, we will start the bulk production. All garments are handmade in bulk to the highest quality in our factory.


Quality check

As one of the top 10 t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur, we undergo a 4-stage quality check process in our factory, with each item checked by a QC to identify and rectify rare defects. After the quality checking, your order will be shipped from our factory to your address in India or overseas.

What we do (But not limited to)

T-shirts & tops

An Everyday essential, t-shirts and tops are at the heart of most clothing brands. It is an entry-level product for knitted apparel brands as well. As one of the best t shirt manufacturers in Tirupur, we take pride in manufacturing high-quality t-shirts in regular and special fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and mixes. Round neck t-shirts, polo shirts, crop tops, vests, tank tops and every other t-shirt style without any limitations can be manufactured in our Tirupur t-shirt factory.


Hoodies & sweatshirts

As a complete t shirt manufacturer in Tirupur, we manufacture hoodies and sweatshirts also. For the winter season in India, what’s there to sell, if not hoodies? Plain hoodies, printed hoodies with stripes, and any other designs can be made in our t-shirt factory. Our company manufactures Hoodies for Men in various styles, designs, fit, split up, colors, prints, embroidery, and sizes. In addition, we manufacture custom hoodies and sweatshirts to meet your design specification, allowing for total flexibility in fabric, color, and fit.

Tracksuits & twinsets

As a private label Tirupur t-shirt manufacturer, we are manufacturing tracksuits in your brand label and accessories. The MOQ is very low; 100 pieces per design and 300 pieces per color. Popular fabric choices range from cotton-based materials for comfort to polyester for moisture-wicking qualities. All tracksuits and twinsets we produce are custom-made to your requirement, including fabrics, fit branding, and packing options.


Sport & Gym wear

If you planning to choose the sports or gym niche as your t-shirt brand’s target market, you’re in the right place. We are specialized in manufacturing 100% customized sportswear and gym wear in our Tirupur t shirt factory. With a low MOQ of 50 pieces per design and 300 pieces per color, we can create any style of garments without any limitations. Sports and performance wear often use modern technical fabrics, which can include polyester due to its moisture-wicking qualities, as well as elastane for an enhanced stretch. Fabrics can also be sublimated to include brand themes. We also supply sportswear to clubs, charities, corporate events, mass participation events, and sports events.


We make 100% customizable and premium caps in our Tirupur t shirt factory as your complete t shirt manufacturer in Tirupur. Caps in organic cotton, recycled polyester, polyester, and any other fabrics are possible. We are open to new developments, and with our worldwide textile connections, we can source your required material to make our caps. We manufacture baseball caps, snapbacks, camp caps, old school caps, trucker baseball caps, bucket hats, and beanie caps. Along with the premium t-shirts and other garments, caps can be a great add-on to any brand's low-priced items - it'll be a great and cost-effective way for customers to buy into your brand.


Our Customization Options (100% Private Label)

T-shirts aren’t just a staple of casual wear but articles of clothing that often reflect our personalities, interests, and identities. You can stand out in the crowd by building an online t-shirt brand for a specific audience niche and creating the kinds of t-shirt designs and styles that your target customers want. The devil is in the details; by crafting detailed customizations with the target customers in mind, you can find your own online t-shirt brand success story. Here’s the list of customizations (and are not limited to) we can do as one of the top 10 t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur for your requirement.


Differences and detailing will make your brand unique among other online t-shirt brands, don’t you agree? Patches are a versatile alternative to traditional embroidery and offer a unique display of your logo, brand name, or artwork. Depending on your specifications, we can source high-quality, fully handmade, or machine-made patches. We will ensure the patches are beautifully designed and have a fine craft. Even in terms of pricing, patches are cost-effective and can be made at very low MOQ in our Tirupur t-shirt factory. Patches are great for t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, and caps.



Adding your artwork or brand logo as embroidery to your apparel will add elegance and beauty to your branded clothes. T-Shirts, hoodies, track pants and any other knitted apparel can be embroidered in our factory in any design - as your professional t shirt manufacturer in Tirupur, we do not propose any design limitations. Complex embroidery can present technical constraints, and we are happy to review your artwork - but if it can be embroidered, we will get it done for you.

Fit & dimensions

As we’ve kept on saying, we are a complete knitted apparel solution providing Tirupur t shirt factory with 100% customization options. Concerning fit, give your technical sheet with measurements. We will make patterns with the guide. Once done, we will make a fit sample for you to try before proceeding with the bulk order. Once you confirm the fit, we will start the bulk process. If you do not have a measurement chart, don’t worry. Just give us a t-shirt you like, and we will replicate it for you.

Fit and dimensions.jpg


Stand out in the crowded fashion world with detailing. Once reserved for large brands, custom buttons and other hardware like rivets and zips can help elevate a garment's status. Plastic and metal hardware in various finishes can be sourced per your specification. We can offer custom hardware at our industry-leading minimum order quantities, from laser engraving to die-cast buttons in your brand name. A simple example is a coconut shell button. As one of the best Tirupur t shirt manufacturers, we can make any kind of customized branding solutions.

Pantone colour matching

What's a 100% white label t shirt manufacturer in Tirupur without color matching? At Varthagam International, we use the Pantone system, a standardized, code-based system used in many industries. Using Pantone codes, we can control the exact dye measures and achieve consistent, reliable color matching. Give us the RGB code or HEX code, and we will dye your clothes in the same exact color. First, we will make a lab dip and send it to you for approval. Once confirmed from your end, we will dye the bulk clothes in the same code.

Grey Material

Custom fabric

Cotton is cotton! But there is only one variety of cotton? Definitely not. The quality of the fabric depends on the yarn we use. And the yarn quality differs with every type. Recycled cotton t-shirts will have a short lifespan, while Supima t-shirts will have years of lifetime. Supima, Organic, Tencel, Bamboo, RL cotton, polyester, and recycled are some of the fabrics we specialize in manufacturing. As a young & dynamic t shirt manufacturers in Tirupur, we are ready to experiment with any kind of fabrics and mixes. If you have a unique idea for your brand and are looking for a t-shirt manufacturer who makes it, you’re in the perfect place. Get in touch with us. Thanks to our textile network, we can source yarn from any part of the world. We will get it done for you.


Do you want to add a distinctive style to your branded garments? Add badges to them with a unique style revolving around your brand theme. Created from various materials and in a selection of colors and finishes such as polished, brushed, gilded, antique, matte, silky, or high-gloss. Badges can be branded via deboss, emboss, or laser engraving and die-casted into custom shapes if required


Twill tape

Used commonly in garment necklines and inside caps, twill tape is used to cover and reinforce the seams between fabric panels. Sturdy and durable twill tape adds an excellent finish to the garments. The twill tapes we make in our Tirupur t shirt factory are odorless and will be comfortable on the skin, so your customers will love them. Twill tape can be customized to feature your logo or dyed to match or contrast color to the base fabric.


As your Tirupur t shirt manufacturers, we achieve distressing by applying surface treatments to the fabric, making it look faded, wrinkled, and worn. It is commonly done by ripping, tearing, scuffing, and paint splatter. Add a raw look to your garments by distressing them in unique ways.



We specialize in innovative garment production in Tirupur. We can make dyed clothing like pigment dye, garment overdye, cold pigment dye, and garment spray treatments for our customers as an innovative Tirupur t shirt manufacturer. We make all kinds of garment processes like fabric washes, softener washing, denim wash, spray garment, and laser-cut clothing.


As a leading t shirt manufacturers in tirupur, we offer a vast range of printing methods, including screen printing, direct-to-garment (DTG print), sublimation, heat press print, heat transfer vinyl, plastisol transfer, and digital printing. There are many different printing methods available, and if you’re unsure what would be suitable for your artwork or garments, please get in touch, and we will be happy to advise.


Swing/hang tags

Hang tags are one of the essential accessories of a t-shirt with the basic details of the garments. It is like a visiting card attached to the garment where you can even print a QR code that customers can see and scan to visit your product description page. For example, as a white label Tirupur t shirt manufacturer, we can source the best quality swing or hang tags from our end. You do not have to worry about finding a manufacturer for the tags. Instead, you can select the tags' quality, design, and style from our curated list. Swing/hang tags are rigid decorative labels attached to clothing, including core information such as brand logo, website, product price, size, and barcode. Working to your design, we can offer different card weights, print methods, finishes, and styles to create a unique tag specifically for your brand.

Clothing Gallery

As a private label t shirt manufacturer in Tirupur for start-up fashion brands in India, we understand you might need some inspiration to make your fashion history. Our gallery shows a small selection of clothing and other items we can produce for your clothing brand. All garments are created to your specifications in your Tirupur t shirt manufacturer factory, including fabrics, sizing, and customization.

Dear Fashion Entrepreneur,

Did you know: It can cost you between 5 and 25 times as much to acquire a new customer for your t-shirt store than to keep an existing one?

While growing your audience and expanding your reach is undoubtedly crucial in building your t-shirt store, not enough is said about the importance of cultivating repeat orders from your existing customers.

When will a customer come again to buy your brand t-shirts? Only when they love the quality of the t-shirt. Right?

That is why you're here, on our website, to find the best t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur. You're in the perfect place.

Yep. We make only the best quality t-shirts.

But, isn't every other manufacturer saying the same set of words - "We are the best"? How do you really know who the best t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur is?

Let's do one thing; First, you get a sample from us & test it yourself. Do the same with all other t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur. The test result will say who the best manufacturer is, and we are pretty sure we will be the leader in the results.

Who We Are?

Varthagam International is recognized as one of the best t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur. We have collaborated with more than 300 online & offline fashion brands in India by manufacturing 100% customized & private label t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, shorts, track pants, and other knitted apparel.

If you're a startup t-shirt brand, book an appointment with us. You'll realize how easy it is to source the best quality t-shirts and other clothing materials for your brands.

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